Essay on Technology And Its Impact On Modern Farmers

718 Words Nov 7th, 2015 3 Pages
Our biggest advancement for our modern farmers of today is the access to extreme advanced technology that is accessible to them to serve as a means to complete farming quicker and more efficiently. However, though this may be true, our modern farmers are currently under intense pressure with the shortage of food that is pushing them to edge in purchasing the newest form of advanced farming technology available and in return is placing these farmers into heavy debt. Comparatively, to make matters worse the future of modern farmers is soon to change in extreme ways (Tal, 2015). Aside to this, there are three paths optionally that they could consider. Likewise, possibly pursue in order to see another tomorrow of our nation. The first being, farmers that would withhold their farms would be individuals sharp enough to enhance their income flow (Tal, 2015).
Another path would be farmers turning toward each one another in order to keep pushing forward and staying in business. In this type of situation various farmers would form farming collectives in which would operate very similar to a union. Similarly, these collectives would maintain at keeping low costs and being sure farmer’s opinions were taken in by politicians as well as, keeping the increasing power of Agriculture in line (Tal, 2015).
A third option would be farming families to withdraw from the farming life altogether, specifically regarding those with families who don 't wish to pursue the farming life in the future.…

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