Technology And Its Impact On Human Life Essay

765 Words Jan 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Within the last century, humans have made incredible discoveries. Inventions such as the radio, phone, and computer increased worldwide communication. Cars and airplanes make travel easier than ever before. Humans can reach great depths because of the invention of the submarine and the rocket took man to space. Energy is being harnessed and in many new ways such as nuclear and solar power. Advancements in medicine have increased human lifespan and health. Each day the human race is getting smarter and this is because humans use the knowledge of their predecessors to accelerate their species advancement. By building off past science and technology, humans have been able to achieve great things that were never before fathomed. Science allows people to increase their knowledge in order to move forward as a species, and societies largest growths can be accredited to the use of science. To understand scientists position in today’s society, we must understand how science has shaped the history of humans. The fire, the wheel, and irrigation systems are early inventions that that are examples science being used to improve the quality of human life, but skip forward a couple thousand years and you begin to see a rise in humans questioning the world around them. This is our modern day idea of science: The process of asking questions and trying to answer them, which leads to many discoveries. Physics started to be explored by scientists such as Issac Newton and Albert Einstein and…

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