Technology And Its Impact On Education Essay

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In recent years, new discoveries in technology have gained an increasing role in making tasks easier and faster to perform. Keeping databases, sending emails, and communicating around the world are only some of the examples that technology can do. It also has a strong impact on education, especially with the use of online textbooks, online classrooms and assignments, online databases for learning purposes, and so forth. However, some critics believe that technology has become one of the main distractions both at school and at work, and it has the tendency to hinder brain development. Although there are many arguments about the negativity in technology usage, the benefits of technology in our daily life far outweigh the risks. Since the introduction of technology, the society has experienced a variety of improvements. Indeed, there are many sources that can be distracting to students, however, it is not always the case. An example is the case of comic books in the 1950s when everyone thought that these violent comic books could negatively affect the minds of the adolescents, which could turn them into lawbreakers and violent individuals. The result showed otherwise as the crime rate was at a record low. Similarly, video games in the 1990s were also viewed as a negative influence to the young minds but the crime rate in America in the same period was actually falling. Furthermore, the rise of television, radio, and music videos in the past decades positively…

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