Technology And Its Impact On Creation And Development Of Airpower

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Since the beginning of human confrontation, men used products of technology to confront each other in conflicts and wars. Invention of sward, bow and arrow, gunpowder and other further technological inventions changed wars throughout the history, but invention of an airplane changed it dramatically creating an airpower. When we look at the airpower today, we can define it as a use of all available relevant technology for commanders to use in air, space, and cyberspace. That definition is precisely emphasizing technology as main cause that gave birth of a unique military capability only airpower can provide; among others, to attack directly enemy targets from the air regardless of their location, and to observe from the air.1 Thus, if there were no technology, there would be no airpower. Therefore, without a doubt we can say that technology had the most significant influence on creation and development of airpower, with its first foundation in Europe and the United States. To understand how technology influenced airpower development we must first look at the beginning of its creation. Furthermore, through the examples of Britain and the United States we will see how it developed further under the influence of technology. From the military perspective, nineteenth century was an era when warfare dramatically changed from the previous wars. Second industrial revolution brought so much technological inventions that transformed the society, economy and above all the…

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