Technology And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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During August of 1990, the army of Iraq invaded Kuwait. A few months after this, the impregnable coalition, which was led by the United States, launched its famous Operation Desert Storm, usually noted as one of the most decisive, quick and bloodless victories of all time. After just a few days of combat, the Coalition eventually was able to liberate Kuwait, destroy the Iraqi army at a very minimal cost in casualties. The amount of Iraqi losses was large (around 22,000 killed and 60,000 wounded and/o captured.) In contrast, the United States only suffered approximately 150 battle deaths. It was widely noted by many that Operation Desert Storm was a defining moment in history due to the extraordinary lopsided results. The reasoning of the outcome is often focused on the role of the new military technologies, especially those that exploited the digital revolution; however, while technology plays a significant role, it is impossible for it to solely responsible for the result.
Although it can be argued that technological advanced did not that much of an impact on the results, there is some significant truth to the claim that technology had enabled the Coalition victory in everything. Once bombing had weakened Iraqi capabilities both mentally, physically and materialistically, the Coalition army went into action under command of General Schwarzkopf; it was said that it was the most technologically advanced time for the US in history. A brand-new generation of weapons came into…

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