Technology And Its Effects On The Entire Population Essay

1555 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
Most people would think that technology has had great effects on the entire population. From letting people connect with everybody through social media to having marriages being formed from using online dating. Some even use technology as a safe haven for when they are going through events that they can handle in the real world. Those are some pretty good examples to when technology is used by the right people in the correct manner. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good in most cases and when it comes to the use of technology the evilness of how other use technology is truly scary. Some authors in “Rereading America” have specific section in their articles to why technology has a bad side. Those sections main points are: technology is becoming more advanced and more expensive; separation from family; someone is always watching you (creepily); online dating not being used for dating; racism on the web; and law enforcement issues. As we all should know, when technology is becoming more advanced the prices for certain technology will be risen. Technology is not free my any means, so when the less successful percent of people do not have enough money to upgrade their technological devices, how would they be able to succeed in a world where technology is obviously becoming essential. In Schmidt and Cohen’s article “Our Future Selves”, both authors stated “As fewer jobs require a physical presence, talented individuals will have more options available to them” (225).…

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