Technology And Its Effects On The Classroom System Essay

1514 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
Going further into this digital revolution, textbooks are an obtrusive object of the past that should be replaced with tablets in the K-12 school system. As a matter of fact, the great debate of whether to exchange heavy obtrusive textbooks for light, portable tablets has been going on in the school systems for years now. There are cons to this act, but there are many more pros that override the negatives. To help students move into the digital era and be more involved, schools need to replace textbooks with electronic devices such as tablets and iPads. This generation is growing up in a digital world and technology is everywhere around them. There are many benefits involved with replacing tangible textbooks for resourceful tablets where everything can be stored in one object, and schools need to proactively consider this movement. Suddenly, tablets and iPads are the new textbooks of this generation. In reality, like every new movement, they do have their defect. “Some observers are worried the popular new devices will either be ruined by careless students or will be stolen” (Hilgedick). For students who don’t have the benefit of owning their own electronics, one may decide to take the school’s property for their own sake. They can also be damaged from the misuse of careless students. Furthermore, one may use a scapegoat and blame a previous student that used the device or not tell the advisor about the problem until it’s too late to easily fix. Fixing these…

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