Technology And Its Effects On The Classroom Essay

702 Words Feb 10th, 2016 3 Pages
Introduction As society becomes increasingly reliant on technology we begin to see its effects in the classroom. It is the duty of all teachers to become knowledgeable about emerging technologies and how they can be integrated in the classroom. Through the use of technology teachers are able to more easily create diversification to meet the learning needs of all students. Student engagement also increases when technology is being used. A technology that is becoming more prevalent in the classroom is iPads. The iPad is a mobile device that runs various applications, it also connects to wireless Internet. Many companies have developed educational applications for the iPad. The iPads relatively small size and simple format make it simple for students of all ages to use. It is also portable which allows for smooth and easy transitions when they are brought out and put away. The iPad creates opportunities for students with all learning types to learn at their own pace and level.
IPads can be used across all subjects in every grade. An example of when iPads can be used in the classroom is during the Sky Science unit in grade 6, specifically when doing a research project on the planets. Students are able to use iPads to complete research to answer questions about a planet, such as distance from the sun, temperature, what it is made of, etc. They may also use the iPads to create a presentation to be shared with their classmates, using apps such as Google Slides, or…

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