Technology And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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The amount of technology that is now in our society is ever growing as well as being used in a multitude of ways. This generation has basically grown up with technology all around them. Children in our society are becoming younger and younger, but having access to more technology. However, this technology may be harmful if not used properly or given at a young age where they do not need it. Children having an extensive amount of technology at a young age can be seen as unnecessary in society. Technology may not just be seen as unnecessary, but it can be a danger if used improperly. Children are able to use this technology in an irresponsible and can be dangerous. “In recent months, there have been a number of cases involving students using cell phones to send sexually explicit photographs to one another. Recently, a 16-year-old boy was charged with a felony for sending nude photos of himself to the cell phones of female students who didn 't want them” (Monitor Kids’ Cell Phones). Children are able to get themselves in a decent amount of trouble with technology if they aren’t using it correctly. Technology can be misused by not only children, but adults as well. Cases have arisen in the past with adults misusing technology as well as those situations involving children. “Charleston police are finding that many parents don 't. City detectives are working two cases involving teenage girls who were talking to adult men on cell phones in the middle of the night” (Haglund, The…

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