Technology And Its Effects On Society Essay

1142 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Technology in many ways has changed the way society operates on a daily basis. In all areas of life, technology has paved the way for endless research, new discoveries, and above all information processing like never before. From cell phones and text messaging to the internet and social media, technology has provided an extensive network of communication systems for people around the world. It has enabled people in diverse fields such as medicine, engineering, and business to advance their industries and benefit society. Technology has provided people with endless opportunities to connect and stay in touch and also for personal growth however; it comes with certain drawbacks and negative effects. Many people who are caught up in the excitement of technology fail to recognize the negative consequences it brings about. Technology has taken away the human touch of life desensitizing people both emotionally and physically. An increased use of technology by people has reduced social relations, weakened mental capacities, increased health problems, and affected the environment. Overuse of technology has decreased people’s social skills and increased the amount of social issues that seem to plague modern society. Technology, in recent times, has started to become a central focus of many people’s lives. People are beginning to use both cell phones and social media to connect with others and maintain relationships. Technology has a significant impact on the way people relate to one…

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