Essay on Technology And Its Effects On Society

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Ezeji 2 Ezeji 1 Daniel Ezeji Professor Currey English 1302-81012 September 18, 2016 Technology in my life as a student Each and every day when I wake up to see the light, I am always amazed by how fast the world is moving with technology.

Technology is one of the inevitable circumstance we need to face in life, whether young or aged, male or female, wherever you come from. Technology has proven to serve as a useful tool in our day- to- day human interaction in areas such as business transactions and other important uses. The main question still remains, if it wasn’t for technology today, would I be where I am academically? There are some speculations surrounding the effect of technology in education, such as its distractive effects on scholars. On the other hand, it is very instrumental in the lives of students. This includes: promotion of independent learning, easy access to information, a means of academic ease and an exciting way to educate students. As an individual who has lived the biggest part of my life in Nigeria, I never had the opportunity to own a computer or a smart phone in Nigeria. My parents never supported the notion of buying such gadgets for me due to the misconception which they had towards technological gadgets. They were always fond of telling me that there is no good that I can get from technological gadgets apart from being a distraction to my life.

During my elementary school years. I wasn’t affected by the negative view my parents had on…

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