Technology And Its Effects On Society Today Essay

817 Words Mar 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology is everywhere, from devices being carried everywhere to the health care provided today. From smartphones to brain scans, new gadgets are being created every day. The phrase, “We didn’t have that back in my day.” is often heard from the elder generation. (Little) Today’s generation will adopt that same phrase due to how fast technology is growing. Without technology we would never be where we are at today. The amount of technology that is accessible today can be overwhelming. Life has become too easy with the latest developments. Society has become overly dependent on technology. Smartphone addiction, not living in the moment, and no internet cause work to be shut down for the day are real problems from over using technology.
“It’s official – we can’t function without our phones.” (Duerson) Smartphones addiction is causing physical and mental effects on society today. Surveys have showed that eighty-four present of people can’t go a single day without their mobile device. (Duerson) Smartphone development has become a very beneficial tool but probably wasn’t expecting this amount of use. People have developed a close relationship quickly with their phones. Most people need to have their phones on them at all times, even to go to bed. Smartphones are becoming an extension of the human body. Having instant access to the world in the palm of your hand is very intriguing to most people. One massive problem occurring today because of smartphones is texting while…

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