Technology And Its Effect On The Classroom Essay

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In this day and age, it is very common to see a student utilizing a tablet, computer, personal phone, interactive whiteboards, and other types of technology in the classroom. This is a site to behold considering that less than 20 years ago, this was completely unheard of. This proliferation of the use of technology and the blending of social media use in the classroom has completely changed the way that educators teach and even relate to their students. This can be seen across all student age groups including higher education levels. However, there are a few downsides to the use of technology with students. If the educational system does not properly equip their teachers with the knowledge that they need to utilize this type of learning in the classroom, then they will not be able to handle some of the challenges that technology can have. Furthermore, students may not be as equipped as the school system believes them to be on the home-front, causing a gap between what they can accomplish at school and how they can translate that for their benefit outside of the classroom. Even with these issues, the overall benefits that are found from the use of technology in the classroom do make this a trend that is here to stay and forms it into one that will continue to grow as our technological fields expand to new areas each year.
Historically, technology has been ingrained in education and has changed drastically since the invention of the first computer in 1946 by the University of…

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