Essay on Technology And Its Effect On Society

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With the new technologies available in society today, it was just a matter of time before that technology would be used to commit crimes. Internet and networking are common terms in today’s society; some use it for business, to communicate with family and friends or to even find a date, but for some it is a new way to commit crimes and it has become a field of study in itself. Cyber criminals rely on the internet to commit their crimes and as technology changes it only stands to reason that the nature of cybercrimes will change with it. Anyone can be anyone or anything they want to be when they are online as the majority of it is anonymous as people can hide behind any screen name and can make up identities as they see fit or that will be useful for their purpose. It can go on for a time in cases such as identity theft, hacking, or the use of malicious spyware; it can also lead to more serious cases of stalking, solicitation of children or even adults and even bullying some of which these situations can end tragically. Twenty-five years or so ago, when internet and computers became affordable and accessible for all, it opened doors to new types of crimes along with new laws to protect those who became victims of what is called cybercrime. The article Cyber Crime from the FBI website discusses what cybercrime is, the different types of crimes that are being committed via the internet.
. Cybercrime affects not only citizens but also businesses. Companies are…

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