Essay on Technology And Its Effect On Human Communication

1555 Words Nov 17th, 2015 7 Pages
Imagine a day without any technology: global news would not be available, a quick search on Google cannot be made, and a Skype call to one’s friend who is studying abroad would not be possible. Technology is the driven force behind today’s proliferating society, and it has truly created a “smaller” world; individuals can connect with acquaintances from across the globe in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the health industry has endured enormous advancements in research, medicine, etc. due the improvement of robotics. One may believe that disadvantages Although technology plays an immense role in globalization efforts, it ultimately cripples society by allowing individuals to create false perceptions about themselves, easing the practice of sexual exploitation, and hindering human communication skills.
Technology these days is not some universal cure that will fix endless problems and allow people to better themselves as many believe. It is something that allows individuals to create false perceptions of themselves, which can then be put out into the digital world. This allows them to filter out the parts of themselves that they do not want the world to see and show their “best”, usually fake, self to the world. Turkle demonstrates this when she writes, “You’re going to get your makeup on, put on your cute little outfit, you’re going to take your picture and post it up as your default, and that’s what people are going to expect that you are every day, when really you’re…

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