Essay about Technology And Its Effect On College Students

1286 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
Technology is sweeping the country by storm with more advancements being created and distributed every day. Technology advancements create difficulty in deciding between technological devices, such as laptops and tablets. While attending college, technological devices are beginning to be a necessity to make it through classroom lectures and homework assignments. This necessity requires all college students to make a decision upon what technological device will best suit their needs while attending college. The most popular devices bought by college students are laptops and tablets. The similarity between the functions of the two makes the decision of one difficult for many people, like my fellow classmate. In this paper I will analyze the benefits and advantages of the better technological device that will suit my classmate’s college needs. The Battle between Laptops and Tablets The ongoing battle between laptop portable computers (PC) and tablets brings much conflict to many individuals upon making the right decision between the two, including my fellow classmate. A laptop and tablet are two optimal devices of technology that are both useful and convenient for college student’s lifestyle. Although, both of these devices are valuable to own, the decision upon owning one can easily be resolved by comparing the benefits that the two bring to my classmate’s lifestyle. The advantages of owning one of these portable devices can range from business to personal use with various…

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