Technology And Its Effect On Children Essay

763 Words Sep 30th, 2015 4 Pages
The use of technology in our time is overwhelming. We are attracted to the poison within, craving more of it as if we were starving. The use of technology will ruin our social, environmental, and learning abilities. It will be a slow decrease through each generation. Technology will be a source of everything instead of a luxury. People will need instead of want; technology will be something we lean on. It’s a toxicant that is slowly spreading into a disease.
Technology is gradually tearing our social abilities apart. Communication is a part of our social ability to learn but the venom of technology is demolishing that ability. Schools are slowly developing around technology that can be harmful towards children. Sharon Begley wrote in her article that “Screen activities trumps old fashion reading materials.” Begley is completely right, screen activities (technology) weakens our abilities to learn more than reading from a textbook. It’s the poison that is seeping through our kid’s minds that leads to shutting down. By that kids aren’t able to focus on what they understand and what they do not understand. With technology they have the ability and mind power to wander off. Procrastination is another common word in the education levels. With introducing technology in that system will detract children and young adults to put important subjects off. Instead of focusing, children and young adults are more into their iPad, computer, and or cell phone. They will shut down, education…

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