Technology And Its Effect On Children Essay

1294 Words Oct 17th, 2016 6 Pages
As technology improves through the years, we as a human race must evolve to keep up with the ever-changing world. Technology has a different effect on adults as they evolve with it, but children are raised with it. From the day they’re born, technology plays a major part in their lives. The problems start in the early stages and imprints on them. It follows them into their later years and then they do what their parents did to them to their children. How does one outweigh the bad with the good when it comes to technology and their children? There’s no definite way to know how technology can and will affect the child as it grows. It is indisputable that technology is an integrated into our everyday lives, making daily tasks and functions easier for us. We constantly bounce back and forth on whether or not technology has negative or positive impact on our children.
Parents use lights to distract them from their minor problems. When a child cries, the parent may hand them their phone to stop the cries. A child’s attention span in 2016 is nowhere near the same as a child’s in 1976. The diminishments of attention span can cause an increase in impatience. Technology provides a quick stimulant ant when that cannot be achieved, they lose interest in their surroundings. This causes toy makers to constantly create toys that stimulate a child’s mind. Many of the toys are revolved around what the child encounters on a daily basis which are television shows and animated movies. Now…

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