Technology And Higher Education Benefits Essay

779 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology in Higher Education Benefits Our society continues to grow on the idea that technology makes life easier and technology is now becoming our driving force. As technology advances it seems that our education systems should implement new technologies to help make learning and teaching up to date and easier. New technology advances in higher education will benefit both the teacher and student, as well as get the student ready for the job force . First of all, teacher 's are getting to choose if they want to implement new technologies in their classrooms. Most teachers now days have done away with the overhead projectors and started using PowerPoint (Harvey). PowerPoint 's are more appealing to students and keeps them more in tuned to learn. With PowerPoint teachers can add information and colorful pictures to help teach their classes. Also blackboards are starting to become obsolete with all the new technologies that are coming out (Harvey). Plus with teachers becoming more up to date on the new technologies, it gives them a chance to teach online classes at the college level. For instance, Mr. Hartman, president of Drexel University Online, has made a prediction that the future of many colleges will most likely have a mixture of online classes and in- person teaching as well (Young). Thus, for the teachers teaching online classes they have communications with their students through emails instead of face-to-face. Next, some colleges and Universities are making…

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