Technology And Helicopter Parents By Kathryn Tyler Essay

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Technology and Helicopter Parents Through Kathryn Tyler
Throughout Kathryn Tyler’s article, “The Tethered Generation,” she discusses the effects of technology and helicopter parents on the millennial generation. Tyler believes that technology has become an easy way for parents to continue to watch over their children as they age (Tyler 478). Tyler also says technology is helping oppressive parents continue to smother their children and that people in the millennial generation are not becoming adults in every aspect of life in the time frame they should be (478). An enormous factor of growing up is being able to make mistakes and figure out problems and solutions alone. This is being taken away by cell phones because young adults constantly have a lifeline to call or text, such as their parents who help solve their problems. As Kathryn Tyler explains in relatable ways throughout her article, technology and helicopter parents are a concerning issue for our future because they prevent young adults from gaining the necessary skills needed to become prominent and responsible adults.
Attempting to connect with millennials about why technology is harmful to young adults, Tyler includes hard scientific facts in her article. By including certain facts, the article appeals to readers who need justifiable proof to back up the article. Tyler discusses the damage that is potentially being done to the millennials brains by their frequent use of phones by including the fact that…

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