Technology Changed Creativity

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Creativity has existed for as long as this earth occurred. It has evolved enormously since then. Creativity can be formed from watching others develop new idea and creating your ideas upon the already existing idea to create something more innovative. In the 21st century creativity has evolved enormously based on the influence of technology. My research focuses specifically on the how creativity process is affected by technology. On the contrary, a new articles by: Nancy Carlsson-Paige “Is technology sapping children’s Creativity?” introduces the idea on how technology has impacted young children’s lives without really understanding how they are learning to use technological devices without really being taught how to. Furthermore Clive Thompson’s …show more content…
Although people say technology has worsen the creativity process, but with further research, Dean Rieck mentions how technology didn’t make creativity disappear but a new form of creativity has been developed. As time passed by, creativity has taken a whole new phase. It shows how technology has changed creativity to something everyone has access too. For instance, computers illustrate how writers pour their creativity into this machine. Before typewriters made life so difficult because one essay had to be revised a few times and if one wanted to cross out a line, the whole essay needed to be retyped. Now, if we make an error we can just press a button and it will backspace, and it can easily be replaced with a new and better sentence. The article “How Technology changed creativity” is supporting my theory on how creativity still exists today. With the presence of computers and electronics it has not been destroyed but has taken a different shift. This has allowed students to use the internet to venture new ideas and create works that have never been seen before. I also believe that websites such as YouTube has videos that allow individuals to learn new ideas from a younger age and develop on those new understanding, to create pieces of work far beyond the person 's …show more content…
She mentions how parents bribe their kids with television, so they would stop crying. Strauss says s that children need to play outdoors instead of their screens to get a more creative mind. The excessive use of technology used by children can have long term negative effects on their daily life and relationships. This article is useful for the research paper because it talks about the lack of creativity in this generation due technology. However she doesn’t mention the pros of technology. I read somewhere that a ten year old boy was doing algorithmic equations that he learned while exploring the internet and came across the website Khan Academy and learned how to solve this specific math equation. Although Valarie is against technology being used for creativity, but I personally think interactive games and educational online apps will increase their knowledge and help in the creative

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