Technology Affecting Family Essay

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"Technology is part of everyday life, and it can easily mediate or even replace other types of experiences. C.P. Snow once said, “[It] is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” (Technology-The Great Enabler, 2003) As we dissect Snow’s observation it is very evident in the world we live in works because of technology. Looking at a few examples like, work, school, media and all of our hobbies are technology related. By the help of technology, a message can be delivered from one side of the planet to the other in no time. Contrastingly, technology can also destroy the planet and its living beings by the use of one powerful nuclear weapon. The rapid increase in
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If we can count the pros of texting to bringing families close: we can point out quite a few, texting family members can get quick answers, fast response time, spare the drama, space invader, and teens bonding. Parents having issues with this should be sitting down with children and discussing the limits can help resolve this issue. They should be initiating text message conversations with their children. As mentioned before, Snow’s observation about technology proves that over abusing it can cause negative affects but used correctly and in limitations will prove great relationships amongst families. It is better to have some knowledge as to how and where your child is, other than having no knowledge at all. 2.2 Social Networking
The popularity of social networking sites such as Face book, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn is increasing day by day. Many users say the sites are good for our society. Proponents of social networking sites argue that these online communities promote increased communication with friends and family, familiarize people with valuable computer skills, and allow contact with people from around the world. (ProCon,2011) The popularity of social Face book alone accounts for over 800 million active users, with twitter, MySpace, and orkut the count increases to many more millions. (Facebook,2011) Social networking has impacted us in many ways. People that tend to

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