Technology Addiction : Technology And Technology Essays

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Technology Addiction Some people agree that having technology such as smartphones has been helpful in many parts of life. Cell phones and smart phones have been important in cases of emergency, to get in contact with someone, and can be used for other things. The problem with having this technology available is that many people can become addicted to their technology and this can disrupt ones learning ability, their socialization skills, and also it could pose as a danger if being used excessively. This technology could have a worse impact on people than a good one. Technology, such as cellphones and smartphones, has been available to almost everyone and now we can see that younger kids have access to this technology. In a study by Cranfield School of Management in the UK, they found that over a third of teenagers from the early age of eleven to the age of eighteen admitted that their texting habits such as text shortcuts have disrupted their writing quality (Kakabadse). Also, in a research by Andrew Kakabdse found that the frequent usage of technology can become an addiction and this can create problems when it comes to schoolwork. Andrew states, “…Technology obsession hinders spelling skills, implicitly encourages plagiarism, and disrupts classroom learning.” This could not be truer for I have experienced this first hand. Being attached to one’s cellphone is not something positive because you are constantly checking it and texting during class, even when the teacher…

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