Technology : A Dependent On Technology Essay

891 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
People have become very dependent on technology in recent years. In the course of history, human beings have created wonderful and effective things that have improved certain areas of society. With the passage of time, technological innovations reached the corners of the earth to become part welcomed by many cultures. Previously, man did not need a computer or any technological apparatus to learn and perform his daily tasks but obviously, we have become increasingly dependent on technology, especially on computers.
They arrived not less than 100 years ago, but they arrived with force to stay forever. 50 years ago, many would not imagine what they are right now, but it surprises, even more, to imagine what they can be in the future. Its use, its advantages, and profits seem to grow exponentially year after year, it is impressive and every day we need it more (speaking in general). Right now, to make this essay, I am using it, the advantages it brings are innumerable, from the ease of use, speed, communication, even is a necessary tool to study on these days, this gadget we call computers is a sensation.
I use it to watch movies, play countless games, do written work, listen to music, use it to create programs too. In short words, I use it for everything. Although I can not be the only one, as we have to be thousands and every day the group gets bigger. The whole society has undergone changes, every day that happens we are more dependent on computers and we will be more…

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