Technological Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

1231 Words Jan 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
There are many advantages that technological advances have brought, but we must think that we have to pay as users of this new technology. Technological dependence is clearly seen when we look around and realize that we are surrounded by technological advances ranging from mobile phones, computers, ipod, and television; that have become part of our common lives causing in us a certain dependence. Technological development has grown at considerable speed and the consequences on society, countries and individuals are enormous. Technological development has a unique course we cannot alter, nor stop; It defines our lives. In the present, technological change is determined by a few large multinational corporations that in turn influence the behavior of consumers by advertising, so the consumer is directed to where they want. For example, for the people that must be continuously checking their e-mail; cell phones were invented, which already have mobile internet so that they can connect at any time and anywhere. Another example of how consumerism is relate to new technologies is the company Apple who release every years a new iphone and  "consumers often are content to upgrade for even the smallest improvements--a phenomenon that many people attribute to Apple 's advertising acumen." (Rachael Duane) It is important to emphasize that the same consumerism perceived by the people today in everyday life; it is the same that induces to the purchase of new and improved artifacts…

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