Essay on Technological Innovations During The World War II

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There have been many wars and many technological innovations throughout the course of recorded history. None have more bloody than the pair of worldwide wars that afflicted the global in the first fifty years of the twentieth century. This was a worldwide conflict with more nations, people, and money involved than ever before. It seems in course of humanity necessity has driven innovation. In turn innovations with their incremental steps give birth to new technology that ultimately change the way wars are fought and won. Therefore, technology was the driving force behind transformation of modern warfare exemplified by the innovations during, around, and after the World Wars.
The many technological innovations most obviously connected with World War I and II discussed shall be grouped into several types. First, weapons technologies invented for armed conflicts or national defense. These were in most cases weapon systems that were modified under the controlled supervision of national governments. These weapons usually were improved upon or finetuned versions of earlier models that have been modified explicitly for combat. The second classification of technological innovations are non-weapons technologies that most readily cross over into the private sector and then on to be commercialized. This is because the war effort has many moving parts that do not necessarily directly involve weapons, great examples of this is the wearable wrist watch and interlocking zippers that are…

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