Technological Impact of E-Cigarettes Essay

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E-­‐cigarettes: miracle or menace? Networks, Organizations and Society


The electronic cigarette or ‘e-­‐cigarette’ is a rechargeable battery-­‐powered device designed to resemble a conventional tobacco cigarette. The e-­‐cigarette does not contain tar and the nicotine cartridges seem to be a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, which contain a much higher number of
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The second part of the paper offers an overview of SCOT and analyzes how its main elements – RSGs, technological frames, inclusion, interpretative flexibility, closure and stabilization – can explain the development of e-­‐cigarettes. The main limitations of the theory are illustrated by providing examples from the social construction of the artifact. The final part of the paper entails a comparison between the two approaches, summarizes the key findings and offers suggestions for further discussion.

Technological Determinism The literature offers a rather poor conceptualization of technological determinism, as there are various accounts ranging from positive descriptions of an inevitable technological order based on specific laws (Bimber, 1990), to claims that technology is the fundamental driver of social change and that the course

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