Technological Advancements Of Wwi And Wwii Essay

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The Technological Advancements of WWI and WWII The complex technology of World War I and World War II differed and was improved greatly in many ways throughout the wars. These wonderful technological advancements from the wars are still used today. Therefore, there were many leading factors that helped build up the technology in the wars. The differences in the tools and equipment used between the two wars varied greatly. In World War I, the majority of the technology invented was very simple, yet complex. The tank was one of the most widely used types of equipment operated in the First World War. Tanks were called “death traps” due to the fact that they were so powerful and they killed so many people. As a matter of fact, the tanks caused fatalities for their own troops. The amounts of deaths of their own troops caused by these tanks were occasionally higher than the number of deaths of their enemies. Another weapon used in this war was a machine gun. Machine guns required six soldiers to operate them. Since the machine gun only required six soldiers, they were easily portable. The next powerful weapon introduced in World War I was the airplane. This technology was used mainly at the end of the war. (5 Technological Innovations from World War I) In World War I, many more technological advancements were invented. The invention of the portable x-ray machine helped wounded soldiers at war, by being able to look at the insides of a person…

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