Technological Advancements In Brave New World Essay

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What if society isn’t telling us everything about technological advancements? Society is keeping technological advancements from us. Why would society do something like this? In Brave new world society has a cloning machine that clones a certain amount and conditions them to be all the same. This process could be something society could have ready and not using because they have no need to use for it. The question remains does society have the ability to clone. Yes! Society can clone animals if one desires. With this society tries to create and replace a pet however it is shown they have some down effects. They normally don’t live all that long and aren’t quite the same as they were (states). Because of the defect animals have been shown …show more content…
An example of this is how Bernard is three fourth of an inch shorter than most other alphas and therefore he if different (Huxley). Because they frown upon being different they make each set the same. Our society has no need to make everyone the same in fact I would say they encourage you to be individual. We also may not be ready to be told yet and if the secret gets out people might not like it or will like it and get scared and the world could become like brave new world. Or they might not believe it I don’t think we will get close to having the same scientific technology as BNW because society won’t allow it. We already have their main mode of transportation but we’ve had it for a long time. We also have more of what they had in BNW, with better cars and faster trains and helicopters. If society does have the ability to clone replicas of people how could we know? Its unlikely society has cloned humans if they haven’t perfected animals yet. I don’t think society has the ability to clone an identical set yet. Hynopedia is highly unlikely in how it works and I think if society was using it we would know about it in some way. I feel if society does have some of this technology we would know about even if they

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