Technological Advancements During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution that occurred in Great Britain throughout 1760 to 1830, was a time in which many advancements in technology and industry occurred. However, the repercussions of the revolution are often overlooked, due to the focus on the positive elements. Certain advancements were made to the agricultural industry, the process in which textiles were made was improved, the growth of the mining industry occured, iron products were created, basic transportation such as railroads were made, and also the creation of the steam engine (Montagna 1). Due to these basic advancements, one would infer that the standard of living would spike. However the opposite occurred. The standard of living decreased, and along with it, the environment endured intensive damage. The new advancement of technology also changed the way wars would be fought forever. Newly industrialized weapons ultimately made warfare more deadly. During the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, the human destitution, environmental degradation, and opportunity for deadlier warfare, greatly outweigh the advancements made to the technology and industry during the 1760 to 1830 time period. This notion will be conveyed with the support of many events that occurred throughout the Industrial Revolution.

Human destitution is a term which is often used to describe the worst levels of poverty in the twenty-first century. However the poverty that occurred at the time of the industrial revolution in Britain was even…

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