Technological Advancements During New Imperialism Essay

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2. Briefly discuss the political culture and technological advances that ultimately worked to pave the way for the “new imperialism” during this period.

The technological improvements in communications and transportation and advances in education helped the Age of New Imperialism. Having new devices such as the telegraph and the telephone, people had new chances to communicate with others that lived far way from them, even though “the telegrams often brought bad news to offices and residences” (Kidner, 693) with this new method more and more businesses could grow, since owners and entrepreneurs could make deals with others. “The telegraph lines ran from one end of Europe to the other and were even connected by transatlantic cable, meaning that a message could go from London to Johannesburg” (Kidner, 693) people were more connected with each other, which also allowed them to have more news about what was going on in other parts in Europe, especially with the invention of the telephone that “provided a direct link from person to person” (Kidner, 694) and even though it was more affordable for aristocrats and entrepreneurs and not the working class, the ones that could afford it would use it for political and economical purposes. The telegraph and the telephone would also give new ideas to merchants and entrepreneurs during the New Imperialism, they needed to contribute to economy and that is why they looked for new markets and expanded them “Britain looked to India as a…

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