Technological Advancements And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Power and control are two things that most people spend their entire lives searching for. There are those who rule and those who have been ruled, those who have the power to speak up and those whose voices may never be heard. Many may argue that with the technological advancements present in society today, allow us to have more control over what happens in our lives simply because we have more choices. Unfortunately, these technological advancements have done the exact opposite. As a result of our increased reliance on technology, we concede the control each person has over their own life. Our gradual dependence on technology has made it so that the individual innovators of these technologies, the engineers and scientists who fundamentally change the way this game of life is played, possess a great deal of power when determining the path technological advancements take in our society. The power these individuals currently have over our society may ultimately result in the innovators being the sole individual who has power over these advancements but this should not be the case. Instead, this power and responsibility should be spread amongst a committee of innovators, experts who understand the technology, know its intended use, and can best guide our society towards a better tomorrow.
Before we can discuss who should have power over these technological developments, we must first establish that these developments cannot be hindered and progress must be made. In his…

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