The Industrial Revolution In The Twenty-First Century

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The Industrial Revolution is the period in the world that the world as it was known began to truly change into the world that we know today. During this period several inventions were made that we still use even today.
These inventions include the successful harnessing of electricity, the automobile, telephones, radios, grocery stores, trolley cars systems, the airplane to name a few. Although before all of these wonderful tools, and methods that we as members of the twenty first century society enjoy, take for granted and most times abuse on a daily basis there were several changes that occurred before and alongside the technological breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution that made it all possible.
According to Lewis Hackett of International World
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While all of the advancements that were made during the industrial revolution are intertwined in some way are another, the most important change that still effects not just
America, but the world is the adoption of the factory system.
The factory system allows for all sorts of products to be produced on a mass consumer level, this system opened up many jobs in the inner city, which brought people to the surrounding area to live if living in the city were impossible there were however a few kinks in this factory system.

The “kinks” in the factory system that was adopted during the industrial revolution were labor laws. Any person could work in these factories regardless of age, or gender. The factories usually didn’t pay well and if a worker was injured or maimed, factory owners, and mangers did little if not anything to help their workers. Also a lot of children factory workers died from exhaustion and starvation. These labor abuses, and poor treatment of workers would be

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