Essay on Technological Advancement And The Impact

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Three (3) words I did not understand completely and their meanings:
1) Ubiquitous is the presence of something all over the world simultaneously. For instance, eBay is a ubiquitous online store; we can buy anything we desire anywhere in the whole world (
2) Bulky is getting something with a very large quantity. For instance, a bulky soccer sneakers (
3) Swath is: 1) a moving machine covered area broadly. For instance, he/she cut a swath of grasses with his/her mowed. Related words of Agriculture terms: fallow, graft, heirloom, loam, potash, soil age, tilth, windfall. ( One area of technological advancement and the impact: Telecommunication is one of the technological areas that a study by EY has been conducted in two thousand fifteen (2015) in five (5) continents as such: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America specifically on forty (40) companies regarding the impact of globalization on it. The impact of emancipation of the global advancement on that industry system was transformed thoroughly toward customer demands. According to many surveys conducted to identify the effect on percentages of customer solicitations, it is still continued to dropping down by a significant percentage in the last ten (10) years by using more bandwidth as it was studied in the continents cited above. The way to keep the…

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