Technolog Technology's Influence On Basketball Fans

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When Damian Lillard(NBA player for Portland Trail Blazers) hit the game-winning three to send the Blazers to the second round of the tournament, not only did it excite the players, but the fans erupted. Fans in the stadium and all around the country watching the game were ecstatic as their team won the game. But what is stopping these fans from simply walking away from cheering on the Blazers, painting their faces red, and jumping up and down? Why are arenas of horrible NBA teams still filled up every day? There is a difference between costumers and fans in that fans will paint their faces and show their passion...all businesses want fans. Believe it or not, there is more to the NBA than playing and practicing. The media isn’t just stopping a fan from walking away from cheering on their basketball team, the media also is able to engross a fan in their team. Today, technology is so unbelievably advanced, people are able to drive across the country without touching the steering wheel. …show more content…
One site can show every basketball game, the stats, the highlights, and interviews. Even if a fan isn’t interested, owners, players, and authors are able to capture a fan’s engagement and the media helps make it that way. More technology is being integrated into arenas. More websites are being published whether good or bad. Social media is booming with both fans and players. More access to games are available on the media. As media and technology continue to grow, basketball will continue to grow on the media, and more fans will therefore cheer for their teams. How are all of these things possible, so much so that feel the need to become more engaged in the sport. The media engages basketball fans through techniques to grab their interest in a website, content and technology during or surrounding the game, and the connection through social

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