Techniques Used And Evaluating The Process Of How I Reached The Final Node

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In my essay, I will be reflecting on the techniques used, and evaluating the process of how I reached the final node in my hypertext, the choices I made and why.
To initiate my journey, I began browsing through different pictures of “creepy girl(s) in a forest” [my italics]. George Eliot indicates,

“Man cannot do without the make-believe of a beginning.” Beginnings, it turns out, can be quite unusual, complex, and deceptive. (Richardson, 2009).

So I felt the opening needed to stand out by creating something bold, capturing the tone set within the hypertext, and I believe that with the opening image chosen, my desire of effect was achieved.
The conception of my story came from a GIF file of a girl running. This was always going to be part of a dream. I did not, however know, at the time the way in which the dream would go, or if she was having hypnopompic episodes (not knowing if she was awake or asleep), [1] and then be woken in a state of paradox, by where paranormal illusions would torment and challenge her in the house she lived.

Initially, I wanted all dark and eerie but eventually came to the conclusion that I needed a happy resolution with colour. Originally I had decided that most of the hypertext would be in black and white, whilst being restricted to a 500-word count, I was unsure I could conform to this.
Upon finding my opening image I continued my search looking for dark material and came across a black and white photo of two children wearing…

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