Essay on Techniques For Improving A Person 's Listening Skills

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Techniques to improve listening
There are many techniques to improve listening. Although not a complete list, we will go over quite a few different techniques to improve a person’s listening skills. Everyone learns differently, so not all the techniques will work for everyone. According to Listening skills (n.d.) there are 10 principles of listening: “stop talking, prepare yourself to listen, put the speaker at ease, remove distractions, empathise, be patient, avoid personal prejudice, listen to the tone, listen for ideas-not just words, and wait and watch for non-verbal communication”.
Stop talking
We need to stop talking and just listen. In a quote by Mark Twain, “if we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear” (Listening skills, n.d.). We need to be conscious of what others are saying, and not try to complete their sentences for them. We can practice every day at home by listening to our significant other. It will seem strange at first, as we are so used to interrupting others in our everyday lives.
Prepare yourself to listen
Concentrate on the person speaking and try not to think of irrelevant things when speaking with others. “The human mind is easily distracted by other thoughts – what’s for lunch, what time do I need to leave to catch my train, is it going to rain – try to put other thoughts out of mind and concentrate on the messages that are being communicated” (Listening skills, n.d.). This can easily be practiced by turning…

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