Army Knowledge Management Report

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Every organization in the Army used Knowledge Management to communicate each other and contributes knowledge sharing in an organizational environment. Knowledge Management is a process of enabling knowledge flow to enhance shared understanding, learning, and decision making (ADRP 6-0).
My unit used internal and external military communication platforms in order to push information out and pull information from to the lowest level. Internal communication that we used in my unit was Share drive, Staff meetings, Operation orders, and memorandum that we pass information to our subordinates. While we used Telephonic, Video conference, and Social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter or Instant messaging for external communication when we communicate outside
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ATP 6-01.1 (FM 6-01.1) 6 March 2015, Techniques for Effective Knowledge Management. organizations to improve horizontal knowledge sharing and perform comprehensive after action reviews and capturing observations, insights, and lessons learned. Creating an atmosphere of innovation and creativity in the section, focused on identifying and publicizing best practices; tactics, techniques, and procedures; and lessons learned.
Through my experience as a Logistician for twenty-two years in the Army. I learned the best way how to communicate with our subordinates when we have issues to resolve is through meetings. Every week was set up for the timeline and we do a roll call for each agency before starting the meeting, but sometimes due to conflict schedule, some will be calling in a VTC. I find this type of communication work best in accomplishing the mission through socializing and brain storming with them which we find a better solution of every level of tasking in accomplishing our
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When sending information through your subordinates, E-mail is used to remind them when you need battle update, mission update or request for information. When using knowledge management, email is the fastest way to get a response from your subordinate. It’s fast and easy to use and obtain the information. It’s easy to attached information that you already have and you can send them as many people as you can. In my job as a Property Book Officer, I used and deal of a lot of paperwork that needs signature from the sender and receiver. I can now change forms to PDF and send it to them so they can send it back digitally signed. It has made easy in my job not to wait for days just to get a signature of sender and receiver. They can just digitally sign it and attached to their email to send to me. Not the old way that they need to have copies and sign, after signing the documents, you need to scan and attached to your email and send it back to me. Also, while you deploy in an operation, there is a certain way when you need to scan paper work. You will need a person to sign in you and log in for the purpose why you need to scan. It’s a policy that you need to abide for sensitive information that will not be able to consent in the

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