Technical Writing An Analytical Report Essay

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Technical Writing Analytical Report

Technical writing/communication delivers precise information regarding a technical subject to a distinct audience for a clear purpose. In technical writing, the words and graphics are used as a functional vehicle for communicating specific information that will result in your audience being able to better comprehend a subject matter or carry-out a task ( Markel, 2015). With the advent of the internet, technological advancements, development of the email culture, and the influx of social media, the field of business/technical writing and communication has undergone a gigantic shift and transformation to meet the needs of the twenty first century global business economy.

Technical communication is made up of many different forms, that are communicated orally and in writing, that depends on different types of correspondence and technology, that rely upon the audience, purpose, and situation (Gerson & Gerson, 2012). Technical writing and communications involves documenting, sharing, interpreting, and/or publishing specialized medical, scientific, biological, technological, organizational and/or other information. Technical writers put together documents such as “field guides, textbooks, user manuals, catalogs, web pages, software or equipment instructions, handbooks and policies and procedures manuals”(Gurak & Lannon, 2013).

Technical documents normally possess six main characteristics, which addresses and speaks to the reader, assists…

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