Technical Report Topic Ideas Essay

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Technical Report Topic Ideas any major: technology management issues in technical writing or communications multi-cultural/multinational issues competition for consumers professional problem professional code of ethics implementing an ombudsman program product liability on site security--data, people or materials workplace violence outsourcing new overtime regulations accounting: inventory systems pension/ stock option problems corporate contributions to political parties executive compensation prevention of accounting fraud risk analysis agriculture: land use management genetically altered plants control of crown gall in ornamental plants methods of crop estimation/pricing/futures
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usiness: personnel issues crisis management product failure and/or liability business data storage systems accountability/consumer confidence issues chemical engineering: waste control or disposal systems synthetic technologies desulfurication of coal disposal of PCB’s flue gas clean up civil engineering: options in structures (bridges, road surfaces, types of roofs or roofing systems) types of water treatment systems security design and retrofitting issues (terrorism or fire, etc.) energy usage /environmental impact computer information systems: network security systems
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) preparing students for a technological world computer or system virus prevention limiting computer access computer science:
CD-Rom data retrieval systems language for artificial intelligence speech recognition intelligence gathering systems espionage in the industry safeguarding national security construction technologies: competing structures materials options safety issues radon control methods solar heating or cooling systems dietetics/nutrition: nutrition programs for the school competing nutrition plans (for weight loss, diabetes management, pregnancy, athletes, etc.) childhood obesity prevention workplace programs education: innovations in teaching options available within curricula evaluation or accountability procedures teacher recruitment and retention self esteem theory in the

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