Technical Consumer Products ( Tcp ) International Holding Ltd

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Technical Consumer Products (TCP) International Holding Ltd. is a Swiss corporation connected through many foreign offices and subsidiaries with operations in China and the United States. TCP offers energy efficient lighting products and does business around the world from the United States, to Asia, Europe, and Latin America. In regards to ethics, the business conforms to governed laws of every country in which it operates. To analyze the ethics of TCP Global Corporation, their Mission Statement and Code of Conduct will be reviewed and cited against various models of ethical standards.
Highlighting the importance of TCP’s virtue starts with their Mission Statement. “TCP’s employees are committed to excellence in execution in every facet of our business. We drive profitable growth through innovation, quality, value, and exceptional service.” Though the statement is short, it is packed with artistry for leadership, empowerment, recognition, integrity, and communication. This mission is about being a leader in its industry by furnishing customers with unsurpassed service, while seeking an appropriate profit in a unified, focused, and fulfilling work environment.
In February 2015, ethical conduct became cloudy when TCP was sued for unethical behavior by General Counsel Lawyer, Ms. Laura Hauser. Though TCP’s Business Conduct manual was filled with superior ethical standards, the ethical beliefs set by Chief Executive Officer, Ellis Yan became questionable. In April 2015, Mr.…

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