Essay on Technical Communication And Technical Writing

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This semester I enrolled in English 379 Technical Communications and Technical Writing. People often dislike English classes, but when you learn the material and realize how important English skills are for any and every major it becomes less difficult. Through my other English courses I have learned general format for writing papers, proper citations, and efficient researching. This has prepared me quite well for Technical Communications, but it was very helpful to go into more depth on topics. Learning proper business letter format, memorandum format, and how to write complaint letters was useful and will be needed in the future world and in a career. Before I took the class, I knew how to write proper emails and general letters. After taking the class I now know how to write more letters, papers, and reports in technical communication and writing. Since I have written these assignments for my English 379 class, I can now use them for examples and resources in the future. For example, having multiple well-constructed memorandum assignments will be a great template when writing one in the approaching years to come.

Technical Communication helped develop my skills in writing in general, more specifically in the area of formal setting and business. I learned how to listen to a speaker, gather important information from the speech, and develop that information into a formal summary of the speech. I have written summaries on speakers in past courses, but practicing this is…

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