Essay Technical Aspects And Made Decisions On Engineering Designs

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Lead a small team of senior engineers, delegate assignments, and manage multiple projects.
• Advise NOC management regarding technical aspects and made decisions on engineering designs.
• Coordinate TWC network activities with the corporate office, cable divisions, and related departments.
• Developed the disaster recovery plans for the NOC in both technical systems and the logistic.
• Evaluate system parameter compliance by analyzing configuration audits.
• Designated escalation point of contact for all NOC engineers and technicians.
• Develop custom applications for NOC management and personnel in Ruby on Rails.
• Guided engineering team to NTAC and Engineering team through continuous feedback and solution implementations.
• Mentor and train junior and peer engineers by providing training sessions for Linux+ and CCNA.

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While LinkedIn forces you to list each job within the "Experience" section in chronological order, it allows you to rearrange its sections (i.e. experience, summary, volunteer, honors & awards, certifications, skills, etc.). If your most important selling points, such as your volunteer experience or your recent college degree, are located in a different section, you have the ability to move it above the Experience section. For…

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