Essay about Teams in the 21st Century

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Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper
Soc 110
January 26, 2010
Steven Moore

Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper Communication and collaboration is starting to play a very important role in workplaces and in schools. Workplace success depends on the ability to communicate with others. On some jobs if they cannot work as a team and communicate with other people they will lose their job. I work in teams at work and I also have worked in small groups at school, and find the outcome to be much greater working with someone than working alone. Communication helps the educator and the students interact with each other. I work in a team every day at work. Our jobs consist of teams, teamwork, and communication. I
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I may think I know everything about locating veins and performing phlebotomy but my team members could show me a better way to perform my job. For example, they could show me a better way to position the needle to make the blood flow faster. In conclusion as stated above working with teams and communicating is a better outcome than working alone. Communication is the key to success and I must be able to communicate and work as a team anywhere in life. Whether its in my career, education, or my job. Everyone can learn something from someone. Most people don’t realize that in education we communicate with our professor on a regular basis. Whether it’s face- to- face, through e-mails, or texting, we still are communicating.

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