Team Reflection Essay

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Register to read the introduction… As criteria we decided to go for team members who were male as we had presumed that he would add actual power in rowing since we required power in this game. We took people who looked strong and fit in our team we made sure we had maximum men because it is natural instinct that men always were better in a game of mussel and power. At the end we were proved wrong.
If team members trust each other then they won’t double check on what each other has done. They in the long term will reduce cost (Whipple, 2008). Most the team members were working in the company for more than 5 years. They had worked in different projects as cross functional teams and hence they had built the trust factors. They were all well aware of each other’s strengths and weakness.
In our rowing experience we did trust our team members and when we had to select the final 8, everyone was comfortable with it. The people who did not get selected were actually cheering us during the process.
Strength: Since most of the team members knew each other and worked in teams before, it was a good selection of these team members. They were part of successful team in the
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The CEO believed that everyone had to have an idea and every one had to fight for their idea to be accepted. This sounds to be crude but when the technical team and the marketing team came together each of them never accepted the views of the other. There was no integrative approach to handle conflict.
Strength: It was good to have conflict and it was encouraged throughout the company.
Weakness: Certain times the conflict went into personal grounds and when this happened the trust factor was lost.
Compelling Purpose

This team had a compelling purpose of getting the medicines into the market as soon as possible. There were many lives at stake. This was well understood by everyone. In my view the team selection was wrong and there was no trust factor amongst the leadership team, but there was a compelling purpose which eventually negated all the problems and we were successful at the

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