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Consumer Traits and Behaviors
PSY/ 320

Consumer Traits and Behaviors
Consumer traits and behaviors, what are they? Consumer traits and behaviors could be defined as the conducts and characteristics that consumers show in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services that they hope will satisfy their different needs (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010). Consumers are influenced by different factors on what, when, where, how and why they buy a product or service. Some aspects influencing consumer traits, behaviors and how messages are received are psychological, social and culture process. Aspects as personalities, age, interest, believe, cultural background, social classes, among others are important
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Psychological and Social Processes
Psychological and social processes influence consumer behavior regarding the decision-making process. Psychological processes include motivation, perception, and attitudes (Bagozzi, 2002). Motivation is a powerful factor with consumer purchasing. Motivation is the force that induces the consumer to act, and this urge is fueled from a specific desire to fulfill a need (Bagozzi, 2002). Perception surrounds the consumers process of selection, organization, and interpretation. Specifically there are threee processes regarding perception which are selective attention and selective distortion (Bagozzi, 2002). Lastly, a consumers beliefs and attitudes are a part of the psychological process. Beliefs and attitudes simple refers to a personal viewpoint of various products. Social processes include reference groups, family, and status. First, an example of a reference group is a spokesperson. This creates an influence over the consumer regarding a specific product. Family also creates an influence for consumers. Family creates an identifying group for the consumer as well as the various stages of the life cycle influence consumer behavior (Bagozzi, 2002). Furthermore, a consumers role in society, a profession, and the family create an influence, specifically with the expectation of the role of the consumer in any

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