Team Management : An Essential Component Of A Successful Organization

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Team management is an essential component of a successful organization. The creation of a well-organized team starts with choosing an educated and experienced team leader. The identification of other leaders in the group will assist with the bonding with the rest of the members of the team. Cooperation of all the team members is a fundamental factor that if not used, the expected performance and milestones will not be met. Personality conflicts can be the main ingredient for the lack of cooperation because it restricts communication and idea transfer. This is why the team leader needs to identify issues before they become problems. A large organization such as Verizon with the amount of competition they have cannot afford to have substandard team management.
The creation of a team can be a difficult task that organization leadership must consider every measure to complete their vision. Worldwide organizations such as Verizon must create teams that are able to perform while not being centrally located with the main headquarters. Their worldwide locations are due to the team management of the organization. The organization has over 160 thousand employees’ worldwide, which means that selection of team leaders in this worldwide organization very important. The team leader may be in fact located in a different location.
The team leader that is chosen should have the educational background, communication skills, professionalism, and organization experience…

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