Team Leader Of Week 5 Essay

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As team leader of week 5 the only assignment due was an individual assignment, how team members responded to my team leadership is quite well with all the feedback I have received. When I ask my team members for feedback they gave similar responses such as “good or excellent.” A feedback I received that really was interesting was from my team member Roger which is the following, “I think that you were an outstanding leader. You let everyone know what they had to do and you didn’t pester anyone. You made sure the assignment got done with a calm and understanding vibe.” This summarizes how my team members responded to my team leadership because although I am far from a perfect leader everybody in the team managed to get the individual assignments for T3 Norm in on time and with quality.
When being team leader for any type of project or class work I tend to follow similar practices and behaviors because I am always on top of each team member and always have a positive attitude when a member needs help. I also tend to communicate with each individual member of the team separately because nobody else needs to know about someone’s personal problems or reasons why they did not complete the assignment. I do this every time because I feel that all of these factors are important when leading a team, which is why I tend to follow the similar practices and behaviors.
The particular management skills from class that I found most useful as a team leader are the following: social…

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