Team Effectiveness Of Team Performance Essay

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As the team process is the one of the team effectiveness model, it mainly represents characteristics of the team moving forward. Team processes are members’ interdependent act that converts inputs to result through cognitive, verbal, and behavioral activities, which towards directly organizing task work to reach corporate goals. There are several behaviors that are significant to reach enhanced team performance, including mutual performance monitoring, adaptability, supporting/back-up behavior, team leadership, conflict resolution, feedback, and closed-loop communication/information exchange. Besides, information processing is a necessary feature in solving tasks and issue situations. Team process consists of the four elements including team development, norms, cohesion, and trust.
First of all, team development is an increase of the effectiveness of work groups, by improving goal and role clarification and interpersonal processes. In this stage, team members need to get to know and trust each other, understand and agree on their respective roles, discover appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and learn how to coordinate. This stage is assured for a team to grow to the point where they are fun. There are key five team development activities, which indicate one stage to the next. At first, the forming stage occurs when the team first meets each other. For the first meeting, team members share information about their backgrounds, interests and experience with each other.…

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