Team Development Is An Opportunity For Growth And Friendship Or It Can Be A Nightmare

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Working in teams can be an opportunity for growth and friendship or it can be a nightmare. As in human development, team development is not linear; the introduction of new members, a change in the organization 's climate, or the successful completion of a particular milestone can cause a team to loop back to an earlier stage of team development. There are two different aspects to team work, having a healthy group atmospehere and working climate as well as having an effective group working process. You can have a great team of people working together who may not be able to effective work in a team with any synergy; and vice versa, teams that can work cohesively as a unit may not have a healthy group dynamic and may foster dissent among the ranks.

Just like individuals, teams go through stages of development. Although there are a number of descriptions of the stages of team development, the most commonly used terms are forming, storming, norming and performing (and adjourning) (Tuckman 2011 & McShane & Steen 2012). Especially In the 21st century environment where diversity is encouraged and face to face group work and meetings are not as common. The age of technology and virtual group work is now because online education appears to be dramatically altering the education landscape. Online learning has become increasingly popular among college students and many colleges and universities try to offer more online coursesto meet the demand from students. The 2010 Sloan Survey…

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